About Supreme Law, P.C.

Our attorneys have 18 years of individual experience in litigation, specifically for personal injury law. We are staunch defenders of your right to receive just compensation, and will work to give you the best possible outcome.

We Offer Quality Legal Services in New York

Supreme Law, P.C. is a personal injury law practice serving clients all over the New York City area and Long Island. We always maintain the utmost professionalism, but also work with compassion and empathy.

Unquestionable Knowledge and Experience

Our knowledge of New York’s personal injury laws and familiarity with the state’s insurance claims processes is indisputable. Our lead attorney, Florence Daniela Florence Zabokritsky,  have nearly 20 years of individual experience in this area. With their combined skill, clients can look forward to getting a strong legal strategy.


Advocates of Victims of Personal Injury Cases

We litigate for all types of personal injury cases, from car accidents to medical malpractice. We also facilitate insurance benefit claims for vehicular accidents, workers’ compensation, and general negligence. You can trust our law practice to pursue the best possible settlement or verdict for your case.

Your Legal Team in New York

Supreme Law, P.C. is an extraordinary team that seeks to make a positive difference in the local community through quality legal services. Our attorneys staunchly defend the rights of clients, and our accommodating staff sees to your peace of mind. The practice is open to anyone in need of an experienced and trustworthy personal injury attorney in New York. Get in touch with us today.


Talk to Our Lawyers

Supreme Law, P.C. offers legal services to individuals suffering from injuries or disabilities due to negligence and harmful work environments. We handle vehicular accident, medical and employer negligence, premises liability, and labor cases. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION today.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for a broad range of personal injury cases like vehicular accidents, workplace related incidents, general negligence, and medical malpractice. Call us today.


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